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    Rs.500.00/ Month

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As soon as our team checks and verifies your documents, we will create your seller account with us and share the seller dashboard login details with you. You can then start creating your product listings and start selling your products online.

3. Link your PayPal account

Buyers pay you via PayPal, so if you have a PayPal Premium account already, you just need to enter your details. If not, you can go get a PayPal Premium account, and then add your details.

4. Start selling on AestheticKart marketplace

It is very easy to sell online on AestheticKart.

  1. List your products on AestheticKart.
  2. Customer sees your product and makes a purchase.
  3. You receive the order in your seller dashboard. You ship the product to the customer and update the shipment details in the seller dashboard.
  4. AestheticKart will credit the payments directly into your bank account (as per our payment cycle) after deducting our service charges.